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Rechtsanwälte klagen gegen Pandemie-Erfinder WHO, RKI, Drosten


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I am Reiner Füllmich I am no conspiracy theorist But I am a ligigator since 26 years in Germany and Califoniaapproved and active. Especially against cheating groups such like Deutsche Bank, VW and Kuehne & Nagel So I know the situation about the so called structurally disbalance very well which we are presently observing a mighty opponent - in this case our own government - including all parties of opposition - try to dominate us and does not stop at nothing. But I can tell you that there is reason for optimism.

Since 6 weeks, my collegues and I from Corona committee of inquiry from Berlin committee have interviewed professors and other experts as well as concerned persons about the Corona crisis - now we can say Corono scandal - with questioning how dangerous is the allegedly so dangerous Corona virus real, how reliable are the so called PCR tests from Professor Drosten which are the basis - here in Germany the only basis for all measures - and which colateral damage have created these measures. The short answer is: the Corona virus equals in its danger an influenza. There is no excess mortality. On the other hand, the anti Corona measures have created massive health issues in termes of physical and psychic problems and devastating economy damages. The extent are not exactly recognized up to now, but it is obvious that these damages are much higher than the damage that could have been generated by the virus itself.

But especially the PCR test: This PCR test is for detection of a viral infection absolutely not suitable, but it is not even licensed for diagnostic purposes. Three immunologists - Professor Ulrike Kaemmerer from Wuerzburg, Professor Karkel from the Netherlands and Professor Dolores Kahill from Ireland as well as the molecular biologist Avrey from Austria - have replied in agreement on detailed questions taht the PCR test from Drosten, which have been tinked together on a computer based algorithm, without ever seeing the virus in his laboratory - does not say anything about an infection if it is positive!

Again: it does not say anything about an infection if it is positive.

In opposite to all political claims, it does not say anything about an infection. Imagine the effect in the USA because everything is based on this test.

A positive test only says that any fragment of a molecule has been found. It is completely unclear what kind of molecule has been found - and especially if it is a molecule of a virus - or the so called Wuhan virus - can nobody say. The test can also show a positive result on a remainder of the immune system fight against a cold. This means that in terms of legal expression the claim that the PCR test could give any information of an infection is a false statement in the sense of criminal offense of fraud.

In civil law, this means willful deception because of wrong claims of a marketed product. And this means for German law and Californian law and any other law that damage because of the measures of the lockdowns and other measures, there is the right of full compensation. This concerns especially financial losses. But in the end also injuries and personal injury compensation. Therefor many national and international lawyer collegues cooperate to push through all the damages. The persons who are responsible are not only Drosten and Wieler from RKI (Robert Koch Institute, Germany), but also WHO who had recommended this German test worldwide so that it has been marketed also in the USA.

What does this mean? The fact that it has been marketed also in the USA leads to the fearful consequence for the responsible persons that the legal responsibility is in the USA. This is a very good reason for panic on the side of the responsible persons. How it is to be sued by the US laws is well known by Deutsche Bank and VW very well. In Germany, the government rolled out the red carpet for their fraud. In the USA they had to pay billions of Dollars, had to make a public confession and excuse themselves.

Another positive fact is that the corona commitee will change the direction a little bit and starts to discuss the great reset. But not in the sense of the actual agenda, but in the advantage of the people. All discussions showed that we need a change in the society which begins to stop the power of huge companies - social justice - fight against climate change - fight for environmental protection as well as generating a real independent justice.

Robert Kennedy jr. has reminded of the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: We have nothing to fear except fear itself. There is a lot to do. Let us start.

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